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Level up your Penny Rose Play Kit with our wizard dough cutters! Each cutter measures approximately 3.25" in height, and features a stamper with handle + matching cutter shape. These pair perfectly with our just dough jars!


Choose your color and finish!! Please note that the holographic finish will appear ONLY on the back surface of your stamper/cutter, and may wear off over time.


Dough cutter care: not dishwasher safe; hand-wash with warm water & soap only. These are 3D printed in-house out of PLA, which is a corn-derived eco-friendly material. These are food-safe, so they can be used in the kitchen too!


Designed by Cactus Cookies. Licensed and 3D printed in-house by Penny Rose Play Kits

Wizard Cookie Cutters | 3D Printed

PriceFrom $6.00
  • Cutters are 3D printed in-house out of PLA filament.

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