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Tired of giving out generic party favors? Upgrade your party favor game with our Favor-Sized 3D printed articulated tiny heart baby dragons! They move, wiggle, and flap their wings! All dragons are 3D printed to order in your choice of color out of eco-friendly PLA.


The filament pictured is “pastel rainbow” for the group of dragons - please note that coloration will vary with rainbow and gradient filaments - no two will look alike, and on smaller prints, not all filament colors may show. The colors in the final item depend on the item size and where the filament is at the time of printing!


If you have specific color requests, or would like a color not listed, please reach out to me via Facebook or instagram and I will do my best to accommodate your request. 


Please note that spikes can be sharp, and may not be appropriate for children. Due to the nature of 3D printing, small parts may be brittle and can break if dropped or handled roughly. Adult supervision and discretion is advised, may pose a choking hazard; not intended for children under 3.


Measures approximately 3.25" long


Penny Rose Play Kits is an authorized seller of Cinderwing3D designs.

Party Favor Tiny Heart Baby Dragon | 3D Printed | Fidget Toy | Articulated

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