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***Choose between compartment bin packaging and minimalist packaging. Compartment bin packaging comes with 10oz dough, and minimalist packaging comes with 12 oz dough packaged into air-tight reusable lidded jars. 


Our Magic Garden Classic play dough kit is the perfect way to easily incorporate sensory play into your child’s day! Each kit comes with 12 oz of Dreamsicle scented non-toxic, homemade play dough and is packed full of themed loose items to encourage open-ended play. You’ll be (pleasantly) surprised at the hours of screen-free entertainment provided by these kits! They make for easy clean up, and if stored properly in an air-tight container, dough will last for 6+ months. Some loose items may vary from pictures depending on availability, but will remain true to theme. These kits also make great gifts!! Don't forget to check out our Add-Ons and Cookie Cutter shops to complete your sensory kit!!


Dough Finishes:

  • No glitter

  • Make it shimmer (fine glitter mixed in ONLY, no embellishments)

  • Make it sparkle (fine glitter mixed in + chunky glitter/sequin/clay sprinkle embellishments)


Warning: Kit contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard. Use under adult supervision, not recommended for children under 3.

Magic Garden Classic Dough Kit

  • Store in a jar with lid or a plastic zip top bag. If dough becomes slightly dry or natural salt crystals appear, knead a few drops of water or vegetable oil into your dough to refresh.

  • Flour, water, cream of tartar, salt, vegetable oil, food-grade coloring, natural scent (essential oils and/or baking extracts), and glitter

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